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Since day of the program, Mrs. Johnson has always helped me. She is a great professor and I have a good job today because of her connections. Central Texas Nurse Network is a great school and has influenced my love for the Health care field.

Steve Aoudou

This school has changed me as a person in the health care field it has brought me a side of sensitivity and care to patients as a Nurse Assistant which gives me pride.

Latoya Garret

Central Texas Nurse Network has really taken part of my life. This school has taught me that yes I can do it and I can help make a difference in peoples lives.

Sarah Williams

I've learned a lot from Central Texas Nurse Network about giving care to patients which has enlightened me I never thought I would see myself in the health care field, now i do it and I love it.

Alice Garner

My instructor Veronique Johnson is great because of her I'm going to nursing school so I can better my life for me and my children she has been such an inspiration.

Jennifer Hernandez


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